Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Breaks End


Spring break ends today.. Alas, the I only have one spring break left of high school..And I'm almost a senior..
I also have to prepare to go to state solo/ensemble in May! Which I am so nervous for..
All in all, I'm pretty happy right now! I'm really focusing on things I enjoy and I'm hoping that I can keep my grades up! I've been working on organizing my room, it's a paris themed room..Slightly cliched but I don't care because I love paris!
I've been thinking about prom..I wasn't sure I was going to go because it was so expensive, but I really do want to go..So I've been looking for dresses, I wanted something short, sweet and warm colored and nice and girly!
 The Dress I'm considering..Is it too casual? Too short? Hmm..decisions..

So, right now I'm watching 27 Dresses, which means I will probably watch The Devil Wears Prada next, because it's one of those combination movie cases, where they have 2 movies in one case. I watch 27 Dresses whenever I'm feeling really upset or nice and at peace, and in my most creative, inspired mood. Today, thankfully, it's the latter!

Anyways, even though I don't actually know if people will actually read this,
I'll see you later,

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