Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I've been crying so much in the last week. I thought that the week BEFORE the Midnight premiere, I was a wreck. I'll write more later. I think I just need a few days.
I have "Drill Week" for Color Guard this week. Which is basically 4 days of Hell. It's not all bad but it's tough and my back is killing.
This video is amazing <3

Monday, July 4, 2011

Long write. Let's catch up: Growing up, senior pics, summer, color guard, life

Mhmm..I promised I would keep blogging! But alas..I stopped for quite a while! So, here you go..I'm finally back! :D

So, since I last talked to all of you, I: finished Junior year of high school, moved in with a friend, started Color Guard season :/, bought some cute dresses, and today experimented with the friend I live with on some Senior pics!

Okay, first things first, explanation on the moving in with a friend situation:
 My Mother and Sister moved to Chicago the 12th of June and I opted to stay here because this is my home and I want to finish my Senior year. That's really it. And it's all I care to venture on at the moment.

Color Guard: I'm not even sure I have anything to say. But! I have a parade Friday, I really hope it goes well!?

Dresses: Platos Closet is my hero.

Now, to share the best part, my Senior pics! Which are also my outfit blog of the day :))
 I just really felt like sharing 'em since they were kind of impromptu and stuff but I enjoy them..This isn't all of them but these are the ones finished editing!

I think I like this one so much because I look so happy! :D

Apparently, this is my "typical Kaili face"..?


So dramatic, eh? ;)

Dress: TwentyOne/thrifted, Shoes: Payless, Necklace: Vintage :D

Anyway, I've done a lot of growing up the past month or so.. It's been tough but I really truly believe that I'll be able to survive! I can take care of myself. I know I can! I have faith in myself :) Wish me luck!
Love who ever chooses to read this! :D