100 Things

I've been on blogger since about March 2011, and one of my favorite bloggers http://alostfeather.blogspot.com/ has inspired me to write my own list. Sarah, of A Lost Feather has written a list of things that she wants to accomplish and she blogs about each one after she accomplishes them. 
Thank you, Sarah, this list is helping me in more ways than one! :)

100 Things
  1. Walk across a Broadway Stage
  2. Touch the Eiffel Tower
  3. Graduate from High School
  4. Get an apartment
  5. Write a Novel
  6. Go to Vidcon
  7. Go to London/Bath/See Big Ben
  8. Go to Rome
  9. Go to/Graduate from College
  10. Get a puppy! (Dachshund, Schnoodle or Dalmatian) 
  11.  Be accepted into College
  12. Get a main(ish) role in a big Theatre Company
  13. Design my Mum's house
  14. Get a tattoo
  15. Get my belly button pierced
  16. Live in Chicago
  17. Visit NYC
  18. Spend a day at the Grand Canyon
  19. Host a family/friend Christmas
  20. Learn sign language/Learn a new language
  21. Get a good, decent paying job
  22. Go on a road trip around the United States
  23. Go to Disneyworld
  24. Go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter
  25. Take a trip to Ireland
  26. Go on a cruise
  27. Work/Volunteer at a non-profit organization
  28. Win a Writing Contest
  29. Go to a Vineyard in Napa Valley
  30. Go to Martha's Vineyard
  31. Get Married (for real!)
  32. Go to a Cherry Blossom Festival
  33. Ride in a Hot Air Balloon and don't die from anxiety
  34. Visit a Rainforest (which for some reason I keep writing down over and over)
  35. Own my own house and design/decorate it
  36. Start my own business
  37. Have a "pie" party
  38. Host a tea party
  39. Learn to play an instrument
  40. Go to a famous bakery
  41. Be a Maid of Honor
  42. Live in Seattle
  43. Go to a fashion show
  44. Have a baby (a real baby!)
  45. Visit Julia Child's kitchen
  46. Sew my own dress
  47. Design/decorate an entire house and get paid for it
  48. Intern at a magazine
  49. Go to Africa
  50. See the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade
  51. Live in Boston
  52. Host Thanksgiving
  53. Move to McHenry
  54. Design a Window Display for a department store
  55. Make Clam Chowder
  56. Meet Chameleon Circuit
  57. Visit the set of Doctor Who
  58. Adopt a child
  59. Get my Interior Design License
  60. Go to Leaky Con
  61. Tour Pixar Animation Studios
  62. Meet my best friend/love of my life
  63. Finish all the seasons of Lost
  64. Go to a Broadway Show
  65. Read 100 books in one year
  66. See an owl up close
  67. Direct a play/musical
  68. Go to a Blogger Meet-Up
  69. Post a vlog
  70. Start a Bake Shoppe 
  71. Study: Interior Design/Early Childhood Education
  72. Crochet a Hat!
  73. See the Northern Lights
  74. Live in a laketown with a lighthouse
  75. Go to Ellis Island
  76. Attend a Death Cab for Cutie Concert
  77. Donate 12 inches of my hair :)
  78. See the lighting of the plaza Christmas tree
  79. Buy a Sewing Machine 
  80. Ice Skate in Central Park :)
  81. Become fluent in French
  82. Go to a Dave Days concert :)
  83. Visit the Doctor Who Museum
  84. Have over 100 followers on my blog
  85. Have over 100 subscribers on youtube
  86. Go to a One Direction Concert
  87. Go to a Justin Bieber Concert (hahahahaha)
  88. Move to a big city for my second year of college.
  89. Teach young kids (Preferably 2nd or 3rd Grade)
  90. Be hired to take pictures