Sunday, October 21, 2012


I got my 2nd tattoo. It's on my back and says "Always". When I tell people that it's a Harry Potter reference, they laugh. I'm not really phased by it. I know I won't regret it. Harry Potter is such a big part of me. They aren't just books to me, they're a whole other world that I can get lost in. Whenever I was struggling, Harry Potter saved me. These books made me laugh, and cry and think. I'm tearing up just writing about them. Why did I get a tattoo? Because I want to remember who I am. These books changed my life so drastically. Whenever I felt lost and alone, I knew I had this series to turn to. It's rare you find something that can change how you're feeling so quickly. I'm so happy that I did. I found these books in 3rd grade and they've been helping me ever since. J.K Rowling gave me my childhood. I grew up in a broken home and she picked up the pieces for me. She taught me that whenever I felt alone, someone was always going to be there.Something better was waiting for me. I lost myself in these characters. I found myself relating to them. Harry's broken family, Hermione's compassion and constant need to be right, Ron's insecurities and his families situation. I learned so much more from them, but this is what I can think of off the top of my head. The point is, Harry Potter means so much to me.

No one will understand what these books mean to me. It's my life. I think that my choices should be respected. Even if you don't understand why I do things, I think that's it's important to understand that you probably do things that I don't understand. I'm happy with my choices and that's what's most important.


I got Always because that's when I realized the books were really over. This word has so many meanings for me. I probably cried more at this line than any other part of the book.

Anyways, I went to a Justin Bieber concert yesterday and a Regina Spektor concert on Thursday. Yes, I did go to see Justin Bieber. And yes, I did enjoy myself. :) Probably (hopefully), more later.

Stay Beautiful xx
Kaili Shay