Thursday, August 11, 2011

I promise..

I'm going to start actually blogging outfits. I just started swimming the other day..And I have drill week next week but I'll make it work..I recently made a trip to the mall with a couple of my friends and fell in love with H&M. I hope to get back there soon..I did have a bit of a disastrous time in the dressing room however.. I got this absolutely beautiful, vintagey shoes from Kohls for $8! I wasn't going to get anything from there, but the shoes just called out to me! Pictures soon I promise! I've also gotten into this obsession with Adele. My friend had her CD in her car and I love love love love the song "Someone Like You". And I've been on a Disney movie kick, with songs like "I'll make a Man out of you" LOVE that movie and song.. Anyway..more later..This weekend when I'm not completely exhausted..