Saturday, January 7, 2012

My Own Ruby Red Shoes.

Last night, I went to see the Wizard of Oz at the Minneapolis Children's Theatre.
It was absolutely amazing. It really made me excited for college. I hope that one day, I get to be on stage like "Dorothy Gale" performing. And I hope that I find my true home soon. There truly is no place like home. It was beautiful.  <3


I am an Artist

                The lights are raised and I have the capability to overcome everything that crosses my path at this moment. The audience sits quietly in their seats waiting to hear what I have to say next. I step forward, speaking as rehearsed. Each sentiment is lingering within my spoken words, etched upon my face. Every action has fluidity, each pause has a purpose. Theatre is more than speaking the lines you are taught to. Theatre is a safe haven where it is acceptable to release your emotions. It is a positive place to express your true beauty. I am an artist on a stage, I am an actress. 
               Each note sounds beautifully melodic from the piano, I sing confidently, remembering to look around at the people seated in the room and not just the judge. Each person in my double trio works together and balances each other, we are each our own little piece of the puzzle. Each crescendo is stronger than the last, each forte becomes more confident. After we are finished, we smile knowing that we just accomplished something amazing, proud to have made it this far. Solo/Ensemble creates an environment to be proud of. I am an artist with a voice, I am a singer.
                One more stroke, just one more; don’t breathe off the turn. Just keep your eyes down and mind focused. The water laps around me and all I can hear is my own heart beat in my ears. I flip turn, seeing my team look at me and cheer me on. The adrenaline rush courses through me, I feel like I can fly through the water. Every stroke is long, smooth, creating the illusion of flying through the water.  I hit the wall time board hard and I exit the water, uninterested in my place, but full of pride for what I just did. Swimming is the best way to push yourself forward. I am in artist in the water, I am a swimmer.

                The first witness is called to the stand and you can feel the tension already building in the room. The witness answers each questions with poise, looking to the judge during their answer. Each objection pushes me. I am prepared, I know my materials, my case and I know how to excel in the courtroom. Mock trial is where I gain my confidence. I am an artist in a courtroom; I am a mock attorney and witness.

                The cake rises and turns a beautiful shade of golden. It is frosted and decorated. Every detail is important. Every ingredient is carefully controlled. I bake because only I can know how it will turn out. The kitchen is where I learn self control and sufficiency. I am an artist with an oven, I am a baker.
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                I am an artist on paper.
                I am a dreamer.
                This is how I choose to express myself. 
One day, when I am a successful interior designer, actress and baker. I will look back and think about all the things I have been through. I will realize how much I have overcome. This is what I know to be true. 
I love you all. And I appreciate your support.