Sunday, March 20, 2011

Prom Outfit

Prom. Prom. Prom. So expensive..So much stress in preparing for it. But it's still nice to imagine different combination's of outfits and other things.

The Day in the Woods:
Classic Combination Dress: Modcloth
Garden of Whimsy hair accessories: Etsy
Audrey Jersey Knot Ballet Flat: Payless
Diamonique pouch in Light Ivory: Simply Dresses
Bead and Pearl Cluster Ring: Charlotte Russe

Prom is not all about the big old long dresses, and the hot date. Prom is for fun. If you aren't comfortable in the big flowy dresses with tons of make-up, like me, then try a look that fits you!
This post was actually something that I myself would love to where for prom, maybe not everything, maybe I would change the accessories around a little but I like this look, it's very cute, chic, vintage, and it's something I would wear..

As for the dress: I LOVE IT. I figure: why spend so much money on something I'm only going to wear once, the dress isn't too casual that it isn't dressy but it's casual enough to wear again!

Advice for this style:
  1. Neutral/warm colors: nude, brown, tan
  2. Make-up: tans, light pinks, little bit of purple, enhance eyes to make them pop!
  3. Mix and match with accessories
  4. Vintage! This outfit is perfect for vintage touches everywhere!
  5. The headband sets it off as nice and sweet
  6. Have fun. :)

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