Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Best TV Show. EVER.


I watch it every single day. I go to sleep watching it. I wake up watching it. And when I got home from our early release thanks to this crappy snowstorm in LATE March, I turned it on.

Yes, I do own all 10 seasons..Yes, I do have every line memorized. NO I NEVER GET TIRED OF IT!
I also have a Friends' cookbook!

Not only that, but I have an uncanny resemblance (in personality) to Monica, and slightly Chandler/Ross. I wish I was more like Phoebe but I am more like Monica than anyone else.

I am OCD. I obsess over every little detail. I am in love with food. I hate dirty stuff. I would totally go for guys like Chandler or Richard. I like things straight and I don't like when people change them. I am WAY too loud sometimes! I'm competitive (a bit less forward about it tho.). I've been planning my wedding and my childrens' names for years. And now I'm just rambling and I can go on and on..

Goodness. I love this show! :) I hope to either be on/write a show as good as this one one day.
Here's the poster in my room (from Amazon):

Anyway, I hope it warms up soon and I can actually go out and get a job..But I don't know when it's going to warm up, if it ever does. Then, I can get a job and go to the Thrift Store downtown, I need a desk for my room..

Well, this post was slightly pointless..I'll probably post something later that is more meaningful.

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