Monday, March 21, 2011


Mixing Prints! It's a scary thing..But if done right it can look awesome, when done wrong it will look like a train wreck.

 Notice how the outfit is very feminine and girly. The green sets off the pink in the floral quite nicely and the boots and bag add off a wonderful touch. The patterns don't class they enhance each other.
Choose patterns and pieces that will set enhance the other pattern nicely, make sure the colors compliment each other and most of all make sure the outfit is something you feel comfortable wearing and make sure the patterns look right to you! And remember you can never go wrong with matching accessories that set off the colors and patterns in the outfit!


  1. I'm totally into your inspiration. I love crazy patterns and tulip-esque bottoms.

    The Queen of Hearts

  2. @Queen of Hearts Oh gosh, so am I! I love the way funky patterns, accent each other! :)


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