Monday, March 21, 2011


I had an okay day. My friends gave me a Pygmy Puff from Harry Potter World, I have yet to name her..She's pink and adorable!
Hopefully, I'll find a good name that will fit such a beautiful creature!
The end of my day was pretty bad..I had to quit track :( and then I went to my appointment with my chiropractor and found out why I get/have: horrible migraines, asthma, awful neck and shoulder problems.
I have scoliosis. Which for some reason, all my doctors have failed to check for despite the signs.

It's been getting worse over the years, and so I have to go in for 20 appointments because he wants to realign..I don't know the terms. He said he can't technically straighten my back entirely or make my allergies and asthma disappear completely but he can help stop my migraines!

Now, the whole thing is kind of a bummer, and I'm not sure why but when he put the xrays up and showed my crooked spine (which was kind of freaky), and then he told me that I had scoliosis, I felt like crying..I had no reason for it..I just did. I guess it's just that I have so many health problems and they get to be too much to handle after a while..

I guess I should be an optimist, even though it seems impossible so the one thing that comes out of this..umm:
I found out that one of my legs is shorter than the other! I can now tell people that! :)

Anyway, I have a head-splitting migraine right now, worse than ever before so until later,


  1. I'm so sorry that it's taken the Dr's all this time to diagnose something like that - you're right about being optimistic though, it really is the key. Have you read ? She had a similar [if not the same] condition but she managed to turn it into something positive- she even made clothes inspired by it, you should have a flick through her blog for some positive vibes! Take care x

  2. @ellieand
    Thank you! I really appreciate that and I will definitely check out her blog! :) I love your blog so thanks for visiting mine!


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