Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Cannot Wait....

Next week today.
I will be in Chicago. I am so excited right now! :)

I went to MOA with my friend Hanna on Monday and bought some new outfits. Just kind of a random happening that put me in a good mood. My Mum and sister are moving onto a lake so, I am hoping to get some pretty sweet pictures while I am there. We stepped into JCrew even though it is way out of my budget and I found this dress: http://www.jcrew.com/womens_category/dresses/Day/PRDOVR~84429/84429.jsp
Gah. So expensive, but so nice.

And I shall leave you with some more pictures from my picture day with my friends:

 My tripod worked actually pretty well for the all three of us shots. Especially since i chose to use it from so far a way. 

I've been working pretty hard at finishing my canvas projects. I have done three. And I have 7 more drying as we speak. Tomorrow in between my busy schedule I just have to find time to get the paper off! :)

Stay Beautiful.

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