Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I did a Ladies Survey!

the questions:

1. Who are your favourite female YouTubers?
Jenna Marbles

2. Who are your favourite female athletes?
I don't really have one. Umm..? Ginny Weasley! :)

3. What is your favourite book written by a female with a female protagonist?
The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls it is amazing.

4. What is your favourite film written by a female with a female protagonist?
Any Nora Ephron movies! Especially, When Harry met Sally

5. Who is your favourite female fictional character?
Hermione Granger! Where would Harry Potter be without her?

6. What is the biggest problem facing female creators today (and any solutions)?
Comparisons between other creators and harassment. Everyone is different and we need to remember to think before we type because we could be hurting someone. I may be different than you, but that doesn't make me better in anyway.

7. Do you think youtube and online video in general are better or worse suited than television for tackling the problems and prejudices women face in the workplace?
Better, we are able to express ourselves without a script and we aren't sexualized (not a word? Hahaa) by producers. We get to be whomever we wish to be and youtube is a great opportunity to talk about what we want to talk about.

8. What do you pledge to do to make the internet a better environment for all creators?
Think before I type and accept everyone no matter who they are.

9. Tell us a story/secret whatever featuring women!
Just talking and sharing secrets with friends. Also, I guess this blog counts. I share secrets here all the time. :)

I tag you guys. Please do this survey and post a link to it down there! Also, if anyone can, subscribe to my youtube channel for more vlogging fun! Sorry for the quality of the video, I did it in a closet and I wasn't aware that there would be so much background noise..

Stay Beautiful xx
Kaili Shay :)


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