Sunday, May 20, 2012

Live for today.

On Friday, my school had "Dinner Show" it is a special choir concert we put on at the end of the year.
This years Dinner Show did not end as planned.
At 3:40pm Friday May 18th, a truck flipped. Two students, a freshman girl and junior boy were treated and sent home with just a few scratches. However, a freshman girl named Sara was ejected and the car rolled on top of her. They announced the crash and her death at the choir concert right before intermission. My choir had just sung and they told us to stay onstage. Most of my choir already knew right before we went on. Some had to leave the stage. It was the most surreal moment. Standing there, watching as a hush fell over the crowd. As, people I knew broke down, as my superintendent took the stage and told us there was very tragic news.

I take my life and my friends for granted.
She was 14. In my little sister's grade.
They used to be friends.
Sara, you have changed my life in more ways than you know. You were beautiful. And you will always be remembered. I never talked to you. And I will regret that with each passing day.
Your family and friends are in my thoughts and heart.

I have made the decision that from now on, I am going to live life for today, and I will never wait for tomorrow.

I am so sorry for everything I have done. I love you, Sara. Rest in peace and happiness. You died much too young. <3

I think that this will be a lesson to my entire school. I feel so much more aware of my relationships now. I feel so much more grateful. That is because of you. You changed my life, Sara. Thank you.

Stay beautiful.

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