Friday, December 2, 2011

November Month Update through pictures.: Harvard, Boston, Visit with the Family

In the last month I have:

VISITED BOSTON! Spent two days at Harvard University with my Mock Trial team!
I was told by a Harvard Mock Trial student that my yawn sounded like Pikachu!
I ate Lobster.
Walked the Freedom Trail.
Ate a whole bunch of sweets at the best Bakery in the world!
Fell in love with Clam Chowder.
Saw actual protest inside of Harvard (Wall Street Protests.)

In short, Boston was amazing!

Then, for Thanksgiving, I visited my family in Illinois and had another fantastic time :) Sadly, I don't have any pictures. :(

But I do have some senior pictures I haven't posted yet that I took last month as well! :)

Sorry for the picture overload. I'll see you guys later this weekend :) When I can finally get some well deserved sleep! <3


  1. Pretty pictures! Looks like your trip was fun! :)
    When's your birthday in Feb?? I'm the 26th! :)

  2. OMG those lobster bibs!!!

    Lovin' the hair, red sister!


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